For Pier Luigi

Black and white chevron wire basket in progress, nestled amongst the golden orange autumn foliage of Tasmania's deciduous beech.

This basket was a gift for our very dear friend, Pier Luigi, who lives in Italy. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photograph of the completed basket before it was presented to him. I shall just have to go to Italy to take one!

Basket Evolution

  • started 27 December 2015 on a walk to Cape Raoul on the Tasman Peninsula;
  • completed at home at the end of April 2016.

Passport Stamps

In the course of its construction, this basket has been to:

  • Cape Raoul, Tasman Peninsula
  • Schnells Ridge, South West Tasmania
  • South Picton Range, South West Tasmania
  • Clemes Tarn, Mt Field National Park
  • Mt Sprent, South West Tasmania
  • Mt Montague, Wellington Range (Tasmania)
  • Lake Skinner, Snowy Range (Tasmania)
  • Trieste, where it now resides, via Helsinki


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