Baskets: Weaving for Wildlife Series

I manage a Facebook community page called Weaving for Wildlife where from time to time I donate a basket to a fundraising appeal for wildlife conservation. I call these donated baskets the Weaving for Wildlife series, with the aim of weaving a community to help wildlife in peril around the world. My dream is that Weaving Wild baskets will become collectors’ items, with the wonderful side-effect of boosting the fundraising potential of each donated basket.

A wire basket in progress on a large boulder with the Lake Pedder impoundment in the distance.

For Nathan

This basket is the first, and largest, in a special series of four baskets to help relocate four rescued lions from Ukraine to a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.

The basket I have donated to Animals Asia in a chevron pattern of black, white, green and orange wires.

For Animals Asia

One of my fundraising baskets in the ‘Weaving for Wildlife’ series. This basket was woven specifically for Animals Asia. The black, white, green and orange…